Urban Data Patterns

Society produces a wealth of data and its meaning is often only revealed through thorough evaluation and visualisation. There lies a large untapped potential in the visualisation of complex data. The project "Urban Data Patterns" is at the intersection between Visual Design and Data Science and it's goal is to develop independent concepts for visualising large data sets. The data used in this project provides information about aspects of everyday urban life (e.g. lost property, passengers, air pollution, etc.). This view of the city and its data through the lens of information graphics and programming allows a way of exploration that reveals unusual and novel insights.


24.03.–30.04.2017: at the exhibitions «Bestform» of the Bernese Design Foundation at the Kornhausforum Berne, Switzerland

11.05.2017: at the GIS Event UVEK on the UVEK Campus

More exhibitions are planned.


A brief project documentation consisting of seven DIN A5 postcards, each showing a section of the seven patterns and a short description can be ordered by e-mail. (CHF 20.-)


Hahn+Zimmermann, Christian Schneider

Data sources: Bernmobil, Fundbüro der Stadt Bern, Geomatik+Vermessung Zürich, Open Data Zürich, Stadtgrün Bern, Tiefbauamt der Stadt Zürich, Umwelt- und Gesundheitsschutz der Stadt Zürich.

With kind support of:
Jubiläumsstiftung Schweizer Mobiliar Versicherungsgesellschaft